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How To Get SR-22 Insurance If You Do Not Have A Car

When you find out that you will be required to have SR-22 insurance in order to keep your driver's license, this is something you will need to get right on. Needing SR-22 insurance is often a consequence of getting a DUI, or it can also be a consequence of acquiring too many driving violations. In either case, you might think you do not need it if you do not have a car, but this is not true. Here are several things to know about getting SR-22 insurance when you do not have a car.

Why it is needed if you do not have a car

When you need SR-22 insurance, it means you need a document that states that you have auto insurance. You can have the minimum coverage possible if you own a car, but it also means that you need coverage even if you do not own a car. Needing SR-22 insurance is generally a consequence of a driving violation. If you need it, you would need to buy a policy whether you have a car or not. Failing to follow this protocol will result in losing your ability to drive any car, as you would not have a valid driver's license. If you drive without a valid license, you will end up in even more trouble.

The policy needed in this situation

Because you need SR-22 insurance but do not have a car, there is a special type of policy you can buy for this purpose. It is called a non-owner SR-22 insurance policy. A non-owner policy will provide you with the coverage and documentation you need to keep your driver's license, and it would give you the ability to drive someone else's car if you borrowed one, as it would provide liability coverage to you. This type of policy will likely cost less, primarily because you are not insuring a vehicle. You are only insuring yourself if you happen to borrow a car.

Other tips to help you get through this time

The other tip to understand is that if you do not follow through with this requirement, you will never be able to get your driver's license back. If you fail to purchase a policy and at some point in your life want to get your driver's license back, you would still be required to purchase SR-22 coverage.  

If you are told to get SR-22 insurance, you should get it quickly, and you can do so by contacting an insurance company that offers high-risk auto insurance coverage.