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Which Mistakes On Your Online Application For Auto Insurance Could Prove Costly Later?

Shopping for an auto insurance policy takes more than just a few clicks on the Internet. You have to know what mistakes could possibly lead to you paying more for coverage than you need to. If you are shopping for auto insurance, here are some ways you could accidentally click yourself into higher expenses down the road. 

Turning Down Rental Reimbursement

It might seem sensible to turn down the rental reimbursement offered, but that decision could mean hundreds of dollars out of your pocket later. If you are involved in an accident, not only will you be forced to pay for the cost of your rental car, but you will not receive any compensation from your insurance provider for it.  

Even though the few extra dollars a month might seem unnecessary now, unless you are prepared to shell out for a rental right away, you could be left without transportation until your car is repaired. If you are concerned with the additional expense, there could be other ways you can save and still justify the addition of the reimbursement option. 

Being Dishonest About Your Driving History

When you are clicking away online, it can be easy to fudge a little about your driving history. When you receive your quote for a lower rate than you expected, you might feel that you got away with being deceptive about your driving history.  

What you might not know is that the insurance company will review your application for coverage within days or weeks of it being submitted. Although you have paid your first premium, you could still have your policy canceled or the premium increased once the review is completed. To avoid this, be honest on your application. If you do make a mistake, contact the insurance provider to make a correction as soon as possible.  

Skipping Possible Discounts

To hurry the process of completing the application, you might be tempted to just skip sections of it you are not required to complete. Although this can save you time, it will not help you save money.  

Seemingly benign questions could help the insurance company determine if you meet the qualifications for certain discounts. Depending on the answers to the questions, you could possibly end up saving hundreds each year on your coverage.  

There are more mistakes that you could make on an online application that could hurt you. The simplest way to prevent this is to work with an insurance agent to find the right coverage.