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Things That Could Trip Up Your Workers' Comp Claim

If an event has taken place that led to the kind of injury that makes working impossible for you, workers' compensation insurance is usually in place to help you recover financially. Completing claims paperwork and moving forward with other requirements can seem like a daunting idea right now, but if you want to get your benefits, you have to be careful not to trip up your claim by doing the following.

Waiting Longer Than You Should

Adjusting to life after getting injured can take up a lot of your mental space. You are likely to think that your benefits will be waiting for you when you reach a point where you're ready to get started with it, but that is not always true. In fact, your state is likely to have some rules regarding time windows. Your employer might even have their own internal rules. It could be impossible to receive any of the workers' comp benefits due you if you wait too long; ensure you start the proceedings right away or enlist someone close to you to look into how long you've got.

Taking Friendly Advice

If this is the first time anything like this has happened to you, it's easy to rely on the words of co-workers and others as you proceed. However, even if they mean well, it's possible that they'll misstate or forget information you need. That's why it's vital that you consult your company's policies and speak with an HR rep regularly; having the up to date, accurate information is important to the success of a claim. By communicating directly with the right people, you'll understand the process and what tasks need to be done.

Avoiding an Attorney

You might get the relevant paperwork from an HR rep and, after taking a look through the forms, think that you'll simply fill out the documents and return them to the proper department. You may imagine that you'll be automatically approved and get on with things. However, this process can be much more complicated than it first appears. In fact, you could be denied outright because you misunderstood some of the requirements or failed to submit relevant documents. If you are offered some sort of settlement, you might accept it without knowing whether it's appropriate for what's happened. Having a lawyer to assist you can make the entire situation better because they can help at every turn and ensure you get what you're owed.

To get your benefits through workers' comp, it's wise to remember the information presented here. For professional help and true guidance on the relevant issues, getting a lawyer like Brown & Brown of Prescott.