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What To Consider When Purchasing Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you rent, lease, or own the property that houses your business, it is a good idea to get property insurance. While you may be tempted to increase profits by keeping your expenses as low as possible, skimping on insurance coverage can leave you exposed to devastating costs down the road. Thus, you will need to take stock of what is absolutely required to keep your company running and then make sure you get coverage that will protect you if the worst should happen. 

What You Can Include in Your Property Policy

The first thing to note when you are setting up property insurance is that you can and should cover more than just the real estate. You should start by covering the building that houses your business, but you likely will need to choose how you will protect it. You can include fire and water protection, but you can also include protection against vandalism, collisions, and storm damage. In addition to protecting your building, you can buy insurance for your sign, furniture, machinery, financial documents, stock, etc. This is one area where it is better to buy too much coverage than not enough. No one plans to have a disaster, but you can make sure you are protected if disaster should strike.

What Kind of Coverage Do You Want?

Just because you have purchased insurance does not mean you will actually be able to replace damaged items and get your company running after a disaster. There are two basic types of coverage you can buy: You could cover your property at replacement cost, which means if you make a claim, you will receive enough money to replace what was damaged. On the other hand, you could cover your property at actual cost. This means you will be paid for what was damaged at its actual value minus the cost of depreciation. Depreciation is a tricky thing because technologies usually cost less the longer they are around, but rather than hope depreciation of your actual equipment matches the price drop in technologies, you are better off to buy replacement cost coverage so that you can be sure that you will be able to buy replacements of what you have lost.

Buying the right amount of coverage can be a confusing endeavor. To make sure you get the best coverage without overpaying, it is best to do a careful analysis of your needs and then look for policies that will give you the coverage you are looking for. 

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