Home Insurance Terminology Explained

What Happens When Someone Breaks Into Your Home Or A Tree Falls On Your Home

If you are a homeowner with a loan, you are probably required by your bank to have homeowner's insurance. Even if your bank doesn't require you to have homeowner's insurance, it is still a good idea to have a homeowner's insurance policy in order to protect the investment you made in your home.

It is important to understand what your policy actually covers and what happens when your home is damaged via a burglary or a falling tree.

#1 Burglary

If your home is broken into, items are stolen, and any part of your home is destroyed, it will be covered by your insurance. If your home is broken into, you are going to want to call the police and create a list with the officer of everything that was taken from your home. If you notice later that other things are missing, update the list with the policy.

Be sure to take pictures of all the damage to your home as soon as you discover the damage. After the police leave, reach out to the insurance company. They will want to know the police report number for the case and anything that you can tell them about what happened.

Your insurance should pay to replace your belongings as well as to fix up your home. For example, if a window was broken or your door frame was kicked in, your insurance would pay to fix that type of damage.

#2 Falling Tree

A tree falling on your home can cause some serious damage. If you are lucky, only your roof will be damaged. If you are not lucky, a falling tree could damage the roof, siding, and even the inside of your home.

When a tree falls on your home, get out of your home and to somewhere safe. Call in the fire department to make sure no wires were damaged. You'll need to call a tree service company to remove the tree, and then you will have to work with contractors to fix your home.

You are going to want to call your insurance company as early in the process as possible. You are going to want to take pictures of the damage and keep track of all of your interactions with the various professionals who help you with this situations.

Your insurance should cover the physical repairs to your home. They should also fix or replace any personal items that are damaged. If your home is unsafe to live in, they should pay for your accommodations while your home is getting fixed up.