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Types Of Liability Insurance You May Need As A Semi-Truck Driver

Before you start driving a semi-truck, you'll need to have semi-truck insurance. Understanding commercial truck insurance can be tricky since there are so many different kinds and you need to choose the insurance that matches the type of truck you operate, the load you haul, and the distances you drive. For instance, you need liability insurance, but you'll find there are several kinds for commercial trucks. Here's a look at some of them.

General Liability

When you have your own trucking business, you need general liability to protect your business. This doesn't cover damages related to your truck, but rather to your business such as if someone came to your office and was injured or if you get into a legal dispute over advertising your trucking services. This could also protect you if you make mistakes in delivering a load.

Primary Liability

Primary liability is usually required for all semi-truck drivers because it protects equipment, property, and people you might injure as you're driving your truck. This insurance doesn't pay for damage to your truck, only damage caused by it. You want this insurance in case you damage a loading dock or run over someone's fence, or you could have to pay for the damage out of pocket.

This type of liability insurance provides broad coverage that could pay for damage to property as well as paying for medical bills if you cause an accident. Since you could potentially cause a lot of damage with a semi and run up huge medical bills for someone, maintaining proper liability insurance is important.

Bobtail And Non-Trucking Insurance

Bobtail liability insurance covers you when you operate the truck without a trailer. Non-trucking insurance provides liability coverage for times when you operate your truck when it's not under dispatch, and you're using it for personal use. You can also buy non-owner's liability insurance if you have a need to pull a trailer owned by someone else. While liability coverage is essential, it's also important to understand all the types of coverage so you, your truck, and your business are fully covered. You don't want to think your truck is protected to find out after an accident that your insurance policy doesn't cover you if you drive without a trailer.

These are some of the types of semi-truck liability insurance you may need, but there are many more types of insurance that protect your truck and your load. Be sure to talk with a commercial trucking insurance agent to understand the exact type of insurance you need for the work you do so you have peace of mind you're fully protected when you hit the road.