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Protect Yourself From A Hit-And-Run With Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Walking outside and discovering that someone has hit your vehicle would not feel good. If you are anything like the average person, the first thing on your mind would likely be — who is going to pay for this? While an unfortunate scenario, if you have the right type of insurance coverage, you would at least have the assurance that you are protected. Learn more about this coverage option to ensure you are safeguarded, no matter what happens.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Coverage protection for a hit-and-run accident comes in the form of uninsured motorist insurance. This coverage is intended to provide the insured with coverage for repairs or replacement in the event someone hits their vehicle and leaves the scene. 

Depending on the specific terms of the coverage, it can also be used when the driver does not leave the scene but does not have enough insurance to cover the cost of your damages. It is important to note that this coverage is not available in every state. You will need to contact an insurance company in your local area to determine if this coverage is an option for you.

More Than Just Property Damage

Every instance of a hit-and-run does not occur when the driver is not in the vehicle. Every year, there are a countless number of drivers who happen to be inside their vehicle when another driver hits their car and drives away. 

In these instances, the owner of the vehicle is not just worried about repairing their vehicle, they may also have physical injuries they need treatment for. Uninsured motorist insurance also includes coverage for bodily injury. Not just for the driver, but a set amount for any other passengers in the vehicle, as well. 

Collecting Facts Is Still Important

Insurance companies always have the right to deny hit-and-run claims under an uninsured policy, but this right is generally only exercised when fraud is suspected. For instance, a driver may cause damage to their vehicle and claim it was caused by another driver. 

The best way to safeguard yourself in this instance is to call the police and obtain a police report, as the report will serve as proof that the accident did occur. You might even ask any witnesses what information they were able to capture about the driver so that it can also be included in the report. 

Uninsured coverage can generally be added to an existing policy easily. Contact an auto insurance agent for more information about this coverage and assistance with adding this coverage.