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Things You Might Look For In A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

If your job is to drive around in a commercial vehicle all day long, then you really want to protect yourself with a commercial auto insurance policy. Then you'll have more control over what happens financially after auto problems. If you want an insurance policy with adequate coverage, you might look for these particular things.

Property Damage

Some commercial vehicles are rather large. That makes them a little more challenging to navigate, especially around residential areas. That's why you really want to have property damage covered in your commercial auto insurance policy.

Whether you hit a part of the pavement or a mailbox, your coverage should take care of most of the damage. These situations are embarrassing, but at least you won't have to potentially spend thousands out of your own pocket because you made a simple mistake navigating a large commercial vehicle around residential areas.

Collision Coverage

Probably the most vulnerable you'll be when driving a commercial vehicle of some kind is when you're around other drivers. You may make a mistake that causes you to collide with another vehicle. You want to have collision coverage in these situations because the resulting damage could be a lot.

This is particularly true if the other motorist has an expensive vehicle, such as a rare sports car. Even though you may be at fault, having collision coverage saves you from paying for the other driver's damage out of pocket and getting into a money pit.


If your commercial vehicle stops running and you're no longer able to get it moving, it probably will have to be towed to a repair shop. If the shop is pretty far away or a special tow truck has to be used, these costs can really add up. That's why you want to get commercial auto insurance that includes towing services.

Any time your commercial rig has to be towed, your auto insurance will cover the towing costs that a tow company charges. That will make these inconvenient experiences a little easier to manage until you can get back on the road in a working commercial vehicle.

There are many risks to driving as a commercial motorist. If you're smart to get commercial auto insurance that has a pretty extensive coverage design, then you won't ever be put in a vulnerable place financially when auto-related incidents affect your driving operations. 

To learn more, contact a commercial auto insurance company.