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How To Hire A Public Insurance Claim Adjuster

A public insurance claim adjuster helps homeowners to file claims for insurance compensation whenever they suffer losses. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can hire a public claim adjuster when you need assistance with claim filing or on suspicion that the insurance company is offering less settlement. In case of a dispute, the claim adjuster will negotiate on your behalf. Keep reading to learn how you can choose the right public claim adjuster.

Ability To Handle Claims Personally

It is essential to know if the public claim adjuster can handle your claims personally. In some instances, the public adjustment firm might send one person to estimate and another to analyze the claim. While that may work for some people, others may prefer working with only one person. If the two adjusters handle different aspects of the claim, you have no choice but to work with both.

Referral From Previous Clients 

Do you know any individual or firm that has previously worked with an adjuster? Getting a referral from individuals or firms can help get the best possible public claim adjuster. In that case, you would need the referee to provide the adjuster's contact information, office address, and other relevant information. Where possible, read reviews left behind by previous clients of the adjuster. You may also want to look for directories from professional bodies and associations.

Experience Level

When handling a severe case, it is crucial to look for an experienced public adjuster. Here, experience means more than the number of years. Instead, it also refers to the type of insurance claims a public adjuster has handled in the past. You can check the adjuster's website for information on the length of years they have practiced and the types of claims they have handled. Note that handling many claims in a year doesn't make a public adjuster more experienced than one with only a few claims.

Terms of Communication

Once you hand over your case to a public adjuster, they will handle the work from beginning to end. If you want to involve yourself in the process, discuss with the public insurance claim adjuster where you may come in. In that case, you should know how you will be communicating with the adjuster.


It is easy to hire a public claim adjuster, especially if you consider their ability to handle claims personally. You may ask your acquaintances for referrals to the adjusters they have worked with. When evaluating the adjusters, look at the level of experience and the terms of communication.