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2 Things To Have Ready When Meeting With A Claims Adjuster After A Fire In Your Home

After suffering the devastation of a fire in your house, you may be getting ready to file a claim with your insurance company to help pay for some of the damage sustained. While you may already have your homeowner's insurance policy in hand, you may be wondering what else would help when it comes time to file for compensation.

As soon as you contact the insurance company, they will want to have an adjuster meet with you at your house to review the damage. Before this happens, there are a couple of things that you can do to gather documentation about the damages so that you can present it to the claims adjuster during your meeting.

1. Document the Damage with Photos and/or Videos as Soon as It Is Safe to Enter Your Home

One thing you should have ready to give to the adjuster is a collection of photographs and/or videos that visually documents the damage. As soon as the fire is completely out and it is safe to enter your home, you should be taking pictures and filming videos.

When collecting the visual evidence, make sure that you capture the destruction of any structures in your home. You should also document any of your possessions that were destroyed in the fire to go along with the next phase of the claim.

2. Make a List of Any Possessions Damaged or Lost During the Fire with Accompanying Receipts

While you are taking pictures and videos, start making a list of any possessions that were lost during the fire. This list should include not just expensive property such as electronics but also furniture, clothes, and other items important to you.

Once you have the list ready, look to see if you have any receipts saved for some of the items and place them in an envelope. For items that you do not have a receipt for, research their values online and mark them down next to each list item.

When filing an insurance claim for the damage sustained during a fire in your home, you need to have as much documentation as possible when meeting with the claims adjuster. This documentation includes photos and/or videos of the fire's aftermath as well as a list of lost or damaged possessions.

When you are ready after gathering documentation, contact a fire damage claims adjuster to set up an appointment to meet with them. A fire damage claims adjuster can help you with your claim.