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Pay Attention To Routes Before Seeking Commercial Truck Insurance

Are you looking to start a new trucking company or perhaps you already manage one but are looking to shop around for the best commercial truck insurance? There are multiple factors that come into play when deciding how much your premium will be, but one key criterion that can sometimes get overlooked is what is going on with your fleet's current routes. Here's how you might be able to save money on commercial truck insurance by altering your current routes.

Stick to Highways and Main Roads 

Your commercial insurance company wants to see that your fleet will be able to make it to its destination and back with as little trouble as possible. If you are taking back roads with a higher number of potholes or other issues, this might not work out in your favor from an insurance perspective. Stick to highways and main roads as much as possible as these roads are more likely to be well-paved.

Avoid Heavy Population

The more vehicles your fleet is around, the more likely it is that one of those vehicles might collide with your truck and cause an accident. If you have a choice for how to route your fleet across the state or country, consider going along a route that will avoid the largest cities or populated areas. You might still need to go to a heavy population area as your final destination, but minimize the number of other vehicles you encounter during the journey there and you'll likely be in better shape from an insurance perspective.

Avoid Bad Weather

Even the weatherman is wrong about Mother Nature sometimes, so this might be hard advice to put into action. But in general, if you are going cross country and you have the option to take a route where it's more likely there will be clear skies, this could help you from an insurance perspective. As one example of how this might work, the local mountain range may be well-known for getting ice or snow on the roads at a high elevation even when the roads are clear everywhere else. Avoid that mountain range when submitting your routes to the insurance company and you might see your premium come down.

Avoid Routes With a High Rate of Accidents

Bad roads, heavy population, and bad weather are all things that lead to accidents. Try to re-route to areas where your odds of making it through unscathed are higher and you will likely be rewarded from an insurance perspective.